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Utilizing airline or credit card points for travel is one effective strategy to save money on airline tickets; however, it may not be the only means of saving.

Flexible travel dates can help you score better deals on airfare by being willing to fly on less-than-popular days (such as Tuesday or Wednesday) and by booking individual legs instead of two at once. And you can always take advantage of Cathay Pacific’s weekly flight offers.

1. Be Flexible

Being flexible with your flight dates can be an enormous money saver. Flight prices fluctuate based on demand, so the more flexible you are with regards to travelling at different times and days, the higher your chance is of finding an outstanding deal. Many online flight search tools allow users to view prices over several months at once so it is easy to see how even minor adjustments in dates could lead to significant savings.

Be flexible when selecting your destination. Many travel blogs and websites post deals for destinations worldwide; even if those locations may not be on your travel agenda right now, browsing these resources for inspiration might open up some intriguing deals that you hadn’t considered previously.

Be open-minded when selecting your departure and arrival airports. Airlines often offer discounted fares to airports that are further from your final destination than expected because it is more cost-effective to transport passengers via less popular routes to these less-than-popular locations. Be willing to fly into less popular airports in order to make significant savings on airfare costs.

Finally, being flexible means adjusting your expectations about which airline to fly with. While major carriers will cost more than ultra-budget options when booking tickets, other factors need to be taken into account such as baggage fees, seat selection and in-flight meals before making a decision on your final airline selection.

2. Book a Connecting Flight

Booking connecting flights may be the key to saving money on airline tickets, since airlines typically price tickets in different tiers and when those lower tiers run out, prices rise accordingly. By booking connecting flights early enough and moving up your travel dates just a bit further ahead, you could possibly secure better offers than ever.

Traveling without an itinerary can save a significant amount of money during peak seasons when flight prices are at their peak. But it is essential to keep in mind that longer layovers may add up quickly, and ensure you can spend sufficient time at each destination before booking flights.

Hopper offers another way to save on flights by alerting you when prices are low and high, and also provides a calendar view of flight prices over time, helping you see when are the optimal times to fly.

Consider signing up for airline rewards programs. By earning and redeeming miles for cheap flights – even first class! And while some may believe membership requires retirement or being of certain age, this isn’t always true – British Airways lets members join AARP at just $16 annually, offering potential savings up to $65 on round trip economy or premium economy flights!

Be mindful that airlines are eager to secure your booking, so they may offer discounts if you keep searching. By creating a free account with any airline, they can notify you about price drops and special offers as they arise.

3. Book a Non-Stop Flight

Nonstop flights offer the fastest way to travel from one city to the next, though their convenience comes at a cost: Nonstops tend to be more costly than connecting flights; to find affordable nonstop options, be flexible with your destination and dates.

When planning a European vacation, try to travel outside of peak periods such as Christmas or summer vacation. Instead, plan your trip during off-peak season when airfares tend to be significantly more affordable; furthermore booking your flight on Tuesday or Wednesday tends to be significantly less costly than booking on a weekend; you can use any flight booking app or website’s calendar view feature to easily see when flights are the cheapest for your itinerary.

Make sure to compare prices for both direct and nonstop flights – depending on the circumstances of your journey, nonstop flights may offer greater speed and comfort – justifying their additional expense.

Be patient; oftentimes waiting can help you score great deals on nonstop flights by waiting until they go on sale. Many airlines release their lowest fares at different times so be sure to keep checking frequently for availability.

Register for price alerts on your preferred flight search sites to stay informed when prices decrease – this can save time and keep up-to-date with any latest deals! It may also be worthwhile checking the airline directly to see if there are any offers not found elsewhere; some airlines even provide nonstop “destination-free” flights whereby you can spend a day or two exploring a city before reaching your final destination!

4. Book a Flight with a Stopover

Booking flights with stopovers can be an ideal way to save money when purchasing airline tickets, not only allowing you to see multiple destinations at one cost but also making for an exciting adventure! Not only is a stopover an affordable way of seeing multiple places but it can be fun too!

Additionally, some airlines provide complimentary stopovers on certain flights – giving you two vacations for one price!

If you’re traveling from New York City to California, making a stopover in London or Paris will save time and money as it lets you see two places for one price and make for a much more diverse travel experience!

Skyscanner can also help you save money when booking airplane tickets – this handy tool allows you to search for cheap flights worldwide and notifies you as soon as their price has decreased – plus, it even lets you set price alerts so you know when it is the right time to purchase!

If nonstop international flights are prohibitively costly, consider searching for round-the-world itineraries instead. By adding an extended layover in an affordable city, this approach could save hundreds in flight prices!

Turkish Airlines’ generous stopover policy can save you over $240 on travel from New York City to Munich, Germany! For example, adding a stopover in Istanbul can reduce your airfare cost significantly!

5. Book a Flight at a Cheaper Airport

As long as you can be flexible with your travel dates and times, booking a cheap flight to a different airport in your destination city could save you some serious cash. Just keep in mind any additional travel time or costs such as rental cars that could arise.

Airlines tickets tend to increase as departure dates near, so it is wise to start searching early – it is often beneficial to book flights a year in advance! Flight tickets tend to be more affordable when first released online; so keep checking regularly online (especially during school holidays or major events like Mardi Gras).

Travel agencies might tempt you, but there are numerous websites that offer great flight deals online if you’re open to being flexible with your itinerary. Aim for websites which do not charge online service fees but rather sell directly from airlines – known as ticket consolidators companies that buy in bulk at much less of an cost than at airport.

Make sure that you take full advantage of any student discounts available to you, such as applying for an AARP membership which costs only $16 annually and provides exclusive benefits including discounted airfare. Just be sure to read carefully the fine print as some airlines will only allow discounts if traveling with a companion who is also an AARP member.