The best holiday is a time to relax, refresh and have fun. You can spend it in your home, but if you want a surreal experience, you should go to one of the several holiday destinations in the world. Beautiful sights, exquisite cuisine, luxurious hotels, etc. will give you the ideal holiday experience.

If you want to visit any of these destinations from Norway, Skyscanner is one of the travel agencies that you can use their services to ease your journey and make it easier to catch more fun. Reading about them on Norske Anmeldelser first is also important as you will get tips to save money as well as get to know what to expect from patronizing the company. You will be able to know if you should use their services or not as well as precautions to take when using their services. Here are some of the best holiday destinations in the world:

Costa Rica

If you love wildlife, nature, and adventure, Costa Rica is for you. It is home to an exotic array of wildlife and the jungles are lush. There are a lot of adventures you can go on, from hiking to surfing. The pools are tranquil and perfect for swimming. You will also have a great time exploring the authentic culture of the locals and experiencing life in this part of the world.


Canada is filled with breathtaking scenery, gorgeous coastlines, and cosmopolitan cities this makes it a more immersive experience for many travelers. The cities offer remote wildernesses in which you can take ecotourism adventures and wildlife watching. There are also shopping, cultural and dining attractions that will excite you to no end. On the east side of the country are warm and welcoming locations with beautiful fishing villages and beaches. You also get to enjoy delicious plates of seafood. If you are adventurous enough, you can explore the vibrant Acadian and Celtic cultures in addition to the abundance of scenic drives.


Thailand is nicknamed the Land of Smiles due to its friendly nature. It is also renowned for its exquisite cuisine; on the streets of the capital city, you will find different food flavors bursting from every corner. If you are a foodie, Thailand is for you. There are over 1,400 islands in the country with top-class luxury resorts and spas. The greenery is lush and the water is turquoise, which is perfect if you are looking at relaxing and enjoying on the beach. If you are spiritual, there are lots of temples and monasteries you can pray at.


Vietnam is a fabulous location in Asia and it has an array of cultural experiences and lush escapes. You discover something new on practically every street. The local life is vibrant and there is a World Heritage Site filled with landmark buildings. There are lavish spas and adult-only resorts if you are looking at having intimate moments with your partner. You can explore the city on foot and even test your skills with the local fishermen.


This is another world-class destination for romance-seekers. Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, it is known for its luxury resorts and hotels, volcanic mountain, and picturesque lagoons. It is an ideal place for those who want to enjoy different types of activities such as snorkeling, windsurfing, parasailing, deep-sea fishing, etc. Besides its beauty, it is a sanctuary for well-being and health as it provides a wide range of massage options, yoga, treatment, etc. The hospitality is jaw-dropping so you will surely enjoy your stay there.