If you are going rafting for the first time, you will have some questions ringing in your head though you are excited. However, you should not let doubts ruin your day of adventure. Here are some tips for you as you go rafting for the first time:

Dress appropriately and keep your gear secured

Your dressing must be appropriate for rafting. It is very important. For your footwear, you want to wear water shoes, sneakers, river sandals, etc, because they stay on your feet, unlike flip flops. Avoid cotton t-shirts as they draw heat away from your body and jeans easily get soaked. You can wear a bathing suit with sports shoes and a tank top. Go for fabrics like polar fleece, wool, fiber pile work, etc. as they help to trap heat in your body. Depending on when you go rafting, you may want to get a wetsuit. Additionally, ensure that your gear – life jacket and helmet are well secured before you go on the rushing current. Your guide has the responsibility of making sure you are well secured but you also have to do it as well. The jacket should feel snug so that if you fall into the water, someone can pull you up by your life jacket. If your life jacket and helmet does not fit you properly, do not wear them like that. Rather change them to give yourself a chance during emergencies. You can read Outdoorplay reviews as well as reviews of other companies on Collected.reviews that sell rafting gear to know the right gear to buy and where to buy from.

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Be prepared to paddle and know how to swim

It is not only the guide’s responsibility to paddle the raft, everyone will be involved. You have to be ready to use the muscles of your arms. You do not have to be experienced at paddling rafters or an athlete, you can quickly learn on the spot. However, ensure you are mentally and physically strong enough to power the raft. Another thing is that you must be able to swim well. If you find yourself in the water, keep up your feet so that they do not get caught on a rock. Position yourself in the swimmer’s position, turn to the direction you want to go towards, and swim. However, stay calm and take lots of shallow breaths. Try to keep yourself from swallowing too much water. If you do not know how to swim, you should learn before you go rafting.

Trust and follow the instructions of your guard

It is advised that you follow someone whose instincts you trust. If you do not trust your guide, you won’t obey them and this might be to your peril. Your guide will orientate you about the river, show you the paddling commands, tell you what to do if you fall into the river, and other safety precautions. Pay attention to all they say and ask questions if you do not understand. If you feel your guide is a person you cannot get along with, request for a change or join another raft. A good guide will want you to stay safe while enjoying yourself.

Brace yourself and always have your hands on the T-Grip

Be sure to secure a good paddling position in the raft. Find a balance between your seat on the raft and keeping up with paddling. You have to maintain a strong foothold so that you do not flip over while paddling. Also, always keep your hands on the T-grip. A very common injury during rafting is when an adventure removes their hands from their T-Grip so that they can adjust themselves properly. As such, their partner is hit by the object for paddling.

Hydrate and protect yourself from the sun

You must hydrate yourself before going for any physical activity. Now that you will be on the water, hydration is more important. Drink as twice as much water and encourage everyone in your circle to do so too. Another thing is to use sun protection. You do not want to get sunburn while on an awesome adventure. Ensure you use high-quality sunblock and UV blocking layers. Being on the current does not guarantee you special protection from the sun. Wearing and using sun protection items will do.

Unplug and have fun

For the hours you will spend on the water, try to unplug from every other thing or person. live in the moment and take in the beautiful scenery. Rafting requires your full attention if you want to enjoy it and be safe while it. Besides, you cannot take your devices on the raft. Everyone and everything will get wet if they are on board with you. Have fun on your adventure. Make the most of it by taking a vacation to go rafting, travel around the world, etc. meeting and connecting with those on board with you, etc.

Choose a not too deep river

The depth of the river you are going to raft on mattes a lot. You should choose an over that is no of much depth. This will make it easy for you to paddle and swim out of, in case you fall into it. The high-energy river can be a lot of trouble as your raft can capsize at any moment. Ensure you choose a location and river that is safe for you. When it is high torrents in the river, do not make the mistake of standing up, or else everyone may fall over.

Be humble enough to learn

As a beginner in rafting, you may not get it right the rest time. You may have a problem, but this should not spoil your day of adventure. Be willing enough to learn. Anytime you are corrected, put whatever you have learned into action immediately. Disobedience will not augur well for you on a raft on a high current on a river. If you are not pleased with the way your guide is running the adventure, tell him who you find wrong or join another raft. You have to be careful as well because the game can get addictive.